FinOps Super Tips from +OneX’s Real-Life Cloud Cost Crusader

Every day, I fight the good fight by helping businesses find solutions to control their cloud spending without sacrificing performance. 

FinOps is a rapidly evolving space. 

What works today, may not work as well tomorrow. But one thing I learned way back when hasn’t changed: The more your business depends on the cloud, the more you need a bulletproof strategy to keep those dollar signs from soaring. Oh, and if investing in a FinOps strategy sounds overwhelming, remember that even minor adjustments can make a difference. 

Here are six more of my cornerstone cloud optimisation strategies for FInOps.

#1 Make FinOps a Cultural Cornerstone

Cutting cloud costs is a team sport. It’s gonna take everyone whose work involves the cloud – from developers to accounting – to manage cloud costs effectively. 

Every time our customers successfully integrate FinOps into their culture, it’s been because the initiatives empowered everyone, regardless of technical expertise, to become more cloud cost-aware and take ownership of their usage. 

#2 Assemble a FinOps Team 

Company cultures aren’t built in a day. That’s fine because FinOps works best with a core cross-functional team running point on your initiatives. FinOps teams usually include your brain trust from IT, ops, finance —anyone invested in driving efficiency.

Empower them to implement FinOps processes, track KPIs, and keep the wider organization aligned. I’ve also seen impressive results when companies nominate a FinOps Lead to maintain momentum.

#3 Automate Visibility & Accountability

What hidden costs lurk in your cloud? Well, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. That’s why we help our customers harness solutions like EventBridge, Lambda, AWS SES, and Cost Explore. 

They enable access to custom dashboards and trigger notifications when spending deviates from budgeted amounts, empowering your teams with the data and analytics they need to make decisions that keep cloud expenses under control.

#4 Make Cost Optimization the Norm

During cloud development cost considerations often take a backseat to speed and agility. But if you fail to bake optimization into your processes, prepare for cloud bloat. 

Encourage your teams to consider cost implications, whether selecting services, configuring resources, or planning deployments from the get-go. Or be prepared for higher bills later.

#5 Chase Continuous Improvement 

FinOps is a team sport. It’s also a long-term game. Regularly audit your cloud deployments and automate policies to shut down idle resources. Also, take advantage of spot instances and committed pricing models wherever possible. 

At +OneX, we’ve seen that no environment is too big or small to benefit from a culture of perpetual progress. And even if you don’t know where to start, even small adjustments can yield significant savings over time.

#6 Celebrate Wins, Recognize Champions: Rinse And Repeat

Whatever you measure, make sure it’s managed. Track your progress with clear metrics, and define clear FinOps KPIs focused on cost optimization to quantify your ROI. 

Potential metrics to track:

  • Cost savings compared to periodic budgets
  • Percentage of cloud waste reclaimed
  • Coverage of FinOps policies deployed
  • Number of material financial risks or surprises

Most importantly, celebrate your FinOps wins and acknowledge key achievers to keep the motivation high. In the long run, the more you measure (and reward), the more opportunities for improvement you’ll uncover.

Let +OneX Be Your FinOps Guide

What have you got to lose? Besides more cloud waste, more cloud costs, and more of your hairline? At +OneX, we’ve seen how mastering cloud costs can begin with a small, measured step. Contact us. Our team of FinOps experts can help.