How Kia Retail Reduced Monthly Cloud Costs by 30%

The Challenge

High cloud costs and slow web response times were impacting both the bottom line and the user experience for leading e-commerce site Kia Retail. Despite various internal interventions, cloud costs continued to increase with little to no performance improvement. In need of a long-term solution, Kia Retail engaged +OneX’s Cloud Cost Optimization Service for help.

The Solution

An in-depth expert analysis of Kia Retail’s cloud usage revealed several critical areas in which the company was significantly overspending on cloud infrastructure. The +OneX FinOps team worked closely with Kia Retail to identify areas that could be optimized, recommending that the business leverage serverless architecture to reduce costs and boost performance.

Leveraging an industry-leading FinOps framework and cloud-native expertise, +OneX was able to implement a comprehensive cost optimization strategy, shutting down non-essential resources, migrating certain aspects to serverless architectures, and resizing relevant instances.

Throughout, the +OneX team focused on streamlining Kia Retail’s AWS services to optimize performance and reduce web response times, tuning the site database API call to receive faster response times.

The Results

Through +OneX’s comprehensive Cloud Cost Optimization strategy, expert performance tuning, and the strategic migration of key assets to serverless architectures, Kia Retail was able to fully optimize its cloud infrastructure, reducing monthly cloud costs by an incredible 30% – all without the procurement of any additional service plans or reserved instances. These substantial savings could now be reinvested into other areas of the business.

On top of these cost savings, +OneX was able to achieve a significant performance improvement on the Kia Retail e-commerce site, substantially reducing API call response times for an enhanced user experience and increased customer satisfaction.