Introducing +OneX’s new home in Johannesburg

Yesterday, we moved into our shiny new Johannesburg offices. This marks an important milestone for us after 18 months of mostly working remotely. While those months were productive—with strong growth and many wins—most members of our teams admit that something was missing. Creating a space where we can meet, collaborate and build a company culture together fills that gap.

That doesn’t mean the end of flexible work for +OneX, however. Instead, we are creating a place our people will want to come to. Not just for the fast Wi-Fi and free coffee, but to brainstorm with other smart people, connect with colleagues, collaborate and enjoy a spirit of camaraderie that is hard to duplicate with digital technology.

In line with the world of flexible work, there are no dedicated workstations. There are, however, plenty of collaboration zones and hot desks, enabling team members to work the way that suits them. There is also no general return-to-the-office mandate, but rather requirements and options tailored to the needs of the teams and individuals who are at the heart of our business. +OneX is embracing a hybrid way of working.

Says +OneX CEO, Rob Godlonton: “Working from anywhere has its perks, like the savings on time and the convenience. Yet many of our team members tell us that they miss the buzz, the sense of shared purpose, and the community spirit you’ll find in the offices of a great company. Our aim is to offer our people the best of both worlds — the productivity of digital technology, balanced with the rich face-to-face interaction and culture of a modern workspace.”