+OneX partners with Teraco to streamline the enterprise journey to the hybrid cloud

[Johannesburg, 8 September 2021] – New-age solutions and systems integrator, +OneX, has partnered with Teraco Data Environments to provide its enterprise customers with access to secure, resilient infrastructure at the heart of Africa’s largest, vendor-neutral data centre and interconnection services provider.

+OneX will leverage Teraco’s physical infrastructure and interconnection services to support its customers’ journey to hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployments with access to the richest cloud ecosystem on the continent. The partnership builds on and extends an existing relationship between Triple H Cloud Services, a managed private cloud provider that +OneX acquired earlier this year and integrated into its cloud business.

+OneX co-locates its private cloud and data services in Teraco’s carrier and cloud-neutral data centres in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. As a technology and provider-agnostic integrator, +OneX helps clients plan their cloud roadmaps, architect the right solutions for each workload, procure or deploy the public, private or managed private cloud solutions they need to manage and optimise their environments. However, running physical data centre facilities is not +OneX’s core business.

With Teraco’s colocation data centre facilities serving as the interconnection hub for sub-Saharan Africa — with over 20,000 cross-connects to global and local cloud, content, and network providers from Africa and the rest of the world — +OneX customers will benefit from the ability to connect directly with secure, low latency connections to their key providers and business partners. Teraco also offers secure interconnection to the banking, insurance, mining, retail and logistics sectors.

Says Karind Ori, Cloud & Digital Executive at +OneX: “Over the past year and a half, our enterprise customers have stepped up their migration to the cloud, and as they have done so, they have embraced the reality that hybrid cloud and multi-cloud strategies will be the optimal approach. By partnering with Teraco, we can provide them with secure private infrastructure close to their customers and hyperscale cloud providers through Teraco’s Africa Cloud Exchange.

“This, in turn, enables them to connect directly and privately with the local and global cloud providers they use, bypass the public internet with private connections to business partners, and improve performance and reduce latency by connecting directly with their partners. Teraco’s interconnection density means it’s uniquely positioned to work with us to optimise complex hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployments on behalf of our customers. With its proven track record of 100% power uptime over the past 12 years, our customers are in safe hands.”

Di Buijs, Strategic Partnerships Lead at Teraco, adds: “Cloud adoption has exploded in South Africa, and enterprises are under pressure to scale their IT infrastructure and adopt hybrid and multi-cloud architectures. We are pleased to add +OneX to Platform Teraco to support its enterprise customers in the deployment of latency-efficient, secure and resilient public, private and hybrid cloud services as they accelerate their digital transformations.”