Rudie Vermaak to head Optimisation team at +OneX

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Rudie Vermaak as Optimisation Executive at +OneX. Rudie initially joined us as a Solutions Executive in April 2022 and has been working with clients to drive better outcomes and higher efficiencies from their IT environments. Before joining the team, Rudie led Western Cape business development for Decision Inc, a global technology services business.

Rudie is a seasoned ICT consultant who has held consulting roles at companies such as PBT Group, PSG Konsult, MiX Telematics and Pragma Asset Management. He has the technical and business expertise to work with enterprises as they optimise costs and drive continuous improvement using our Analyse, Identify, Mobilise, Monitor & Report process.

The optimisation business at +OneX uses a collaborative, vendor-independent approach to provide clients with a transformation, modernisation and optimisation roadmap. It helps clients shape an agile, reliable and data-driven IT environment underpinned by solid strategies and clearly defined processes. The benefits include competitive advantage, enterprise-wide growth, and the ability to meet the demands of global markets.

Rudie says: “I have always had a passion for improving processes, streamlining operations, and driving efficiency with a technology-led approach. My main goal is to take the Optimisation business from strength to strength by helping clients succeed in their optimisation journey. +OneX offers an contagious entrepreneurial culture and an obsession about delivering value to clients. I’m excited to have the opportunity to be part of its growth story.”